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Mercedes-Benz S-Class — a car for Passenger — it's the perfect embodiment of the dynamics combined with a surprisingly bright and at the same time concise and accurate forms. Our car is equipped with everything necessary to make your trip safe, comfortable and unforgettable!


- individual electric adjustment for all seats(18/8-directions) and head restraints

- electric control of the front passenger seat from the rear passenger place

- individual heating/air conditioning for all seats

- electric sun blinds in the rear doors and rear window

- two panoramic sliding glass sunroof with overhead blinds in the cabin

- individual adjustment of all sun-blinds and overhead-blinds direct from rear seats

- automatic 4-zone climate control system

- individual control of separate climate system in the rear

- refridgerator for drinks at the rear of the passenger compartment

- folding tables for rear passengers

- multimedia entertainment system - display for the front passenger, two screens in the rear

- Wi-Fi for all passengers, DVD-player, digital and analog TV tuner

- wood trim material – Walnut root

- entrance lights illumination for front and rear doors, smart electronic interior lighting

- night vision system, for safe movement in the darkness conditions

- "LONG" version body, all-wheel drive system "4-matic"

- modern intelligent systems for passengers active and passive safety




Digital passenger minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the embodiment of genuine hospitality and prestige, combines safety, comfort, roominess and multitasking. The lounge comfortably accommodates up to eight passengers. Sprinter is able to solve any transportation task elegantly and easily.


- unique digital excursion equipment for interactive presentation of tour information

- digital computer videomonitors with optimum visibility from any passenger seat

- two wireless microphones with a full audio equipment kit, "karaoke" system

- Wi-Fi for all passengers, computer, internet, presentation (PowerPoint). Outlet "220V"

- automatic climate-control car system

- climatic air-conditioning system "TEMPMATIC"

- cabin extra heating, including the parking position

- additional electric heating (passenger compartment air heating)

- front and rear passenger compartment seat armrests

- superior comfort headrests on all passenger seats

- comfortable passenger seat in original performance MERCEDES-BENZ

- original DELUX interior trim of highest quality

- double panoramic colored glazing, vibration/noise insulation interior

- airbags for driver and front passenger

- original three-point safety belts for all passengers

- easily transformable interior: passenger, dual-purpose, commercial option for equipment/sport.stock

- automatic transmission for smooth uniform comfortable motion with passengers

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